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You may already know that when you type a search term [jargon alert: a search term is the text you want Google to look for] into Google you can look at web pages that match the search term, or you can look at images that match the search term.

But did you know, you can make the image itself the search term? Google can search by picture as well as by word.

Why would you want Google to search for an image?

  • You may have rebranded, and want to see if anyone has your old logo on their website
  • You may want to see if the stock image you are planning to use for a particular blog has been used before.
  • You may have come up with a new logo and want to see who else has a similar one. [True story: a client of ours rebranded and when we searched for the new logo, found something very similar on a Russian porn site. The client quickly re re branded and no damage was done.]
  • You think someone is stealing your material. Check it out by searching Google for your photos.

Here’s what to do…

  1. Open Google – use or rather than just the Google search bar.
  2. Now click on the images tab.
  3. Click in the search bar in the centre of the screen and you will notice that a camera icon has appeared at the right hand side.
  4. If you click that, Google will then invite you to upload an image or paste its URL, and will then search for all instances of that image.

Go on, try it!

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