meet the team


Finance and Coffee

John started programming before most of our clients were born. Back then you used punch cards and had to fit everything into 2KB, including the data. These days, John focuses his energy on finance and keeping a tight rein on our clients’ budgets, helping to make your money stretch further.

Best thing about my job:

Learning amazing facts about other people’s businesses. For example, a home brewing client once told us that there are 600 grapes in a single bottle of wine! That’s one of my 5 a day sorted.

Best thing about the Wild Atlantic Way:

Teeing off the 15th at Narin & Portnoo Golf Club with the wind behind. That doesn’t happen very often, it’s usually blowing towards the sea!


Design and Data

Cambridge University Maths graduate and all round nerd, Cecilia, started her technology career in investment banking, climbing the ranks to the dizzy height of Global Head of Compliance Technology, before realising she actually prefers just building stuff. Her OCD nature enables her to deliver consistent and accurate websites to clients.

Best thing about my job:

Adding little personal touches to websites that clients really love. For example, a pet photographer doesn’t have a phone number, it has a “dog and bone”

Best thing about the Wild Atlantic Way:

Cycling over the top of Glengesh Pass. The views are truly stunning and all the hard work is behind you.


Admin and Catering

Smokey is undoubtedly the brains of the organisation, and applies herself with gusto to every task she does. She has a great sense of duty and will not stop until a task is thoroughly completed. She is reward focused, and so putting her in charge of food was an inspired idea.

Best thing about my job:

Getting all the admin done and dusted and heading off to the beach.

Best thing about the Wild Atlantic Way:

Playing fetch on Narin Strand. It has miles of beautiful golden sand to run around on and you can chase the ball all the way into the sea.


Research and Development

Bandit has always been the most talkative member of the team. He spends a lot of time running around and exploring, and he is always sniffing out new ideas, and telling the rest of us all about them.

Best thing about my job:

Having a basket in the office to sleep in between shifts – and often during shifts too.

Best thing about the Wild Atlantic Way:

Maghera Beach. It has enormous sand dunes to race up and down and the soft deep sand is perfect for digging.