Search Engine Optimisation is the dark art of attracting more visitors to your website through various marketing strategies and putting the right key phrases in the right places. When we build a website, we will do on-site optimisation as part of the build – so should most designers. Depending on how niche your business is, you may need a little extra help with your optimisation.

Traditional optimisation strategies of link building and article writing are becoming outdated. These days, content is king and original, user generated content on a well designed site is the key to success.

What can you do?

There are also a lot of things you can do yourselves for free, such as adding yourself to Google maps and asking your customers to provide you with Google reviews. We’ll show you how.

We can also help. We can health check your website and make recommendations on things such as good meta tags, headers, keywords density, unique content and good page names. We can also help with:

  • Keyword and key phrase optimisation
  • Attract the right customers
  • Organic search improvement
  • Advertising campaigns

How does it work?

Think of Search Engine Optimisation like a football league table. Different strategies will give you different numbers of points, and the more points you accumulate for a particular keyword, the higher up the rankings you will appear.

But don’t stand still: Your competitors will continually be adding points to their pots, and if you stop, they may overtake you.

There are literally millions of these league tables, one for every conceivable search term. Each of your pages is ranked separately, and for best results, we make sure your pages are each optimised around a single concept.

Worth Remembering

Google has the biggest share of the search engine market, so where Google goes, we follow.

Remember, Google is huge and nothing happens instantaneously. It’s a bit like turning an oil tanker around. Each of your web pages can take up to 2 months to find their natural position on Google. We will review your site with you after a month, and see how you are getting on. For example, you may not appear on the front page of Google, but Google should at least know that all your pages exist. We’ll check this for you as standard and make recommendations.