Selling online, or e-commerce is a full time job. Long gone are the days you could set up an online shop and make millions sitting in your front room after you come home from your day job. These days, competition is high and margins are tight. But we can help you gain a competitive edge. We’ve been building and running e-commerce sites for a decade now, so we can help you get a real good understanding of what you will be up against before you start. We have found that the best performing online shops are those selling unique products. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t compete if you are selling the same things as someone else.

e-commerce websites

An e-commerce website should be able to do online all the things a High Street shop can do offline.

and a few other things too:

  • full front to back shopping cart solutions
  • easy to use content management system for setting up and modifying products.
  • product specific search engine optimisation.
  • upselling and cross selling configuration
  • product reviews and user feedback

everything you need online

You need the right tools for the job, and we believe the most important tool you should have is complete autonomy over your shop.

Every e-commerce site we build is mobile-friendly, search engine friendly, and also includes a two hour online training session and manual. e make sure you can do everything from tweaking prices to adding discount codes to adding new products, and from processing orders to managing your customer database to analysing your sales figures.

Your Business. Your Shop

We will deliver your e-commerce platform configured ready for the way you do business.

Your business is unique, and therefore so is the solution we create for you.

  • Integrated with your chosen payment gateway.
  • Discount codes, loyalty schemes and multibuy discounts set up your way.
  • Taxes, postage and delivery charges set up your way.
  • Web pages as well as shop pages.

Alternative Solutions

An e-commerce website is not the only way to sell online.

Our promise is never to sell you anything you don’t need, and we will always explore other alternatives with you, such as eBay, Shopify, Amazon, Eventbrite, Paypal buttons and online order forms. We will deliver the solution that is right for your business and right for your purse.

Questions you didn’t even know to ask!

As well as e-commerce websites, we also offer training and consultancy. One of our popular courses is “Everything you need to know about e-commerce”

Enquire about our next course, or book a free consultation and learn about:

  • How to price your products: understand the hidden costs that hit your margins
  • Protecting your business: why terms and conditions are important and what you need in the smallprint.
  • Staying safe: protecting your customer’s data and money.
  • Copyright: staying legal.

One size doesn’t always fit all

There may be things you need to do that require a little bit of extra work

We’ll work out the best way for you to handle things like:

  • Multiple currencies and international shipping
  • Trade and retail prices
  • Downloadable products
  • Selling event tickets
  • Personalisations
  • Drop Shipping