A website is much more than a few words and some pictures, it is a key part of your business. And so the design process must ensure all aspects of the website’s work are covered. Our 5 step project process is aimed at keeping you informed and involved (if you want to be) at every step, allowing you to follow and measure the project’s progress.

Step 1. Specification

Based on our initial discussion, we know what pages you want. We will create a document with the key content from you that we need to get going. Primarily, this will be the keywords on each page and the website structure, but it will also double as a check that we have captured ALL your requirements accurately.

2. Skeleton

We will build the site skeleton, which is the navigation, the homepage and the general look and feel. We may build one or two key pages. We will review this with you and make any alterations required. The site will be mobile responsive.

3. Content

You may be writing the content or you may want us to write it. Once the skeleton is agreed, we can start enriching the site with the real content. You will be able to see progress “real time” if you so wish.

4. Testing

When all the content is in, we will fully test your website:

  • ith the last 3 releases of major browsers
  • That each page is properly optimised
  • On a desktop, laptop, tablet (portrait and landscape) and mobile phone (portrait and landscape)
  • Sign off v spec
  • Proof reading / error checking

5. Launch / Go Live

When you are ready, we will launch the website. It can take up to 24 hours after we press the button for the website to show up live on the internet.
We will also provide:

  • post implementation hand holding support
  • Maintenance contract (=after care)
  • Image licenses where applicable
  • Email addresses and instructions on how to set them up on main email clients
  • Sortable content
  • Hosting and technical suppot